New Umbrella Brand EK

One Group. One Brand: EK/servicegroup is now EK.

In light of the growing challenges retail cooperatives face, EK has taken a close look at ourselves, and developed a new corporate strategy and a new corporate culture.

We also took feedback from all of our employees, the Supervisory Board, as well as our retailers and suppliers into consideration.

A new brand for new challenges
A new brand concept was developed on this basis, which is expressed in a new brand strategy and a new corporate design. In the future, the EK/servicegroup and its subsidiaries Euretco, EK Austria and EK France will be combining forces under a single brand: EK.

The primary goal is to take an even more active role in shaping the future of retail in Europe than ever before, and offering services to our retail partners and suppliers across industries and national borders that are continuously developed over time – to reflect the constant changes in the retail business.

The new brand image of EK is shaped not only by a new logo, but also by our new brand promise: “Retail in Motion”, which clearly expresses our mission to continue developing retail.

Greater market significance through a strong brand
The new, joint umbrella brand EK will elevate the market significance of our retail cooperative to a new level, thereby significantly improving our negotiating position with respect to many different interest groups. This will also further improve our attractiveness for potential cooperative partners, and contribute to developing the group as a whole.

In accordance with our fundamental mission, we can also assert our influence as a mouthpiece for the retail sector even more effectively and give our retail partners a strong voice, especially on the political level.

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