Business Intelligence

Improve revenues and earnings with reliable data.

Are you certain your product range perfectly matches your location? If you are like many retailers, this isn’t a question you can answer easily. Often, product ranges may grow over time without the benefit of a clear strategy. Many decisions may be made based on “gut feeling”, and frequently brands are included in a range because the retailer likes them, not because demand for them is particularly high at their location.


Intelligent market data analysis.
We use business intelligence monitoring to ensure our retail partners know which brands and product ranges can help them optimise their profile and their profits. To do so, we utilise a vast trove of data from over 4,000 active companies, completing customised analyses and other measures for purchasing and brand planning.

Specifically, the dashboard (a graphic user interface used to clearly display information) shows sales and delivery figures by period/season, branch, industry, product group, and brand, along with average sales prices, sales quantities, profitability, margins (gross and net), sell-off ratios, delivery quantities, warehouse turnover speed, planned/calculated sales figures, etc. The data is anonymised and available around the clock.

Proven principle, new method.
Over the years, KPI comparisons between colleagues and a joint focus on market development have proven effective in many so-called corporate “experience-sharing” groups. Participants develop a joint understanding of where their companies stand, and what can be improved.

Today, business intelligence (BI) is opening up an all-new dimension of corporate management, for a broader range of participants and data than ever before. In recent years, our retail partners have proven how well this method works in practice. Experience shows that business owners who participate in monitoring normally generate higher revenues.

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