Group purchasing

Higher returns through volume buying.

Group purchasing has always been one of the fundamental functions of purchasing cooperatives. Product purchasing, either through the EK wholesale warehouse or via central settlement, continues to play a key role in EK's portfolio of services. After all, the advantages for trading partners are clear.

Top purchasing conditions for competitive sales prices.
Large purchasing volumes greatly improve our negotiating position with respect to industry partners. Volume purchasing allows us to deliver significantly better purchasing conditions for individual retailers, and therefore competitive sales prices with an attractive margin. Often, an membership is required for our retail partners to be able to purchase from certain suppliers.

Attractive margins for EK retail partners.
Specialised product programs, such as consolidated purchasing campaigns can generate added significant price advantages for retailers. In addition, top-selling private labels and exclusive brand industry products available only from EK trading partners ensure that margins are good.

Product range perfectly tailored to the location.
At EK, group purchasing is more than just purchasing products. Our experts are also happy to advise you in designing your product range. Upon request, we can complete a site assessment for you and show you how to optimise your product range based on current market data, in order to solidify and further expand your market position.

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