Sustainable action for a future-oriented society.

EK is an international company which maintains relationships not only with its retail partners, but also with industry partners, employees, consumers, and other groups. We accept the responsibility that comes with this position, and we are going above and beyond legal regulations to help create a future-oriented society. That is why economic, ecological and social factors all play a role in our decision-making.

All of our CSR activities (corporate social responsibility) are focused on economic success. Ultimately, we must maintain a strong position to be able to secure our employees’ jobs while pursuing our overarching corporate objective, expanding the market position of our retail partners and increasing their value creation.

Supporting members – Education as a factor for success
Life-long learning and education is a key factor for success. We are helping our retail partners prepare for the future with comprehensive educational and training measures. In addition, we support the transfer of knowledge through discussion forums and events. We focus specifically on developing young professionals at our member companies.

Product responsibility and supply chains
EK works with many different suppliers. A large portion of the goods we purchase are imported from third countries outside of the EU. This free trade fosters growth and creates jobs in these areas. However, international guidelines (in particular core ILO labour standards and the UN human rights convention) and national laws are not respected everywhere. In some cases, this can result in problematic working conditions and negative environmental impacts. We work with suppliers to ensure compliance with fundamental social and environmental standards. Purchasers ensure that goods’ quality standards exceed the legal requirements in Asian countries and elsewhere. Likewise, we make no compromises when it comes to our successful EK house brands, as a majority of their product ranges are made up of imported goods.

Corporate environmental protection and logistics
We move huge quantities of goods, and have been working with external freight companies since 2005. This allows us to optimise routes and reduce harmful emissions. To keep environmental impact as low as possible, we dispose of and recycle all packaging materials in an environmentally friendly way.

Qualification and working conditions
Qualified employees are essential to the success of EK. To meet our needs for well-trained specialists and managers, we are committed to training and education. Our young professionals program prepares employees to take on management or specialist careers. We also help our employees find a good work/life balance through flexible working hours, and we highly value employee health programs.

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