Boards & Management

Closer to the market, together.

Retailers are the best judges of what is happening at their own locations. This is why we trust in active co-determination among members of the buying association to ensure our services reflect the market and practical concerns.

Supervisory board
The supervisory board is made up of successful business owners from our retail partners. The representative assembly has currently elected the following:

  • Hannes Versloot (Chairman), Terneuzen (NL)
  • Peter Dirks, Naarden (NL)
  • Johannes Lenzschau, Wildeshausen
  • Wolfgang Neuhoff, Dortmund
  • Nico Vanderveen, Assen (NL)

from left: Wolfgang Neuhoff, Peter Dirks, Hannes Versloot, Nico Vanderveen, Johannes Lenzschau.

Representative assembly
The representative assembly is the highest decision-making body within our cooperative association, and the most important link between members and the central office. 65 retailers elected to the “EK Parliament” represent all colleagues domestically and abroad, from many different regions, company forms and industries. They make fundamental decisions, for instance on the disposition of earnings, discharging the Supervisory Board and Executive Board, amending the Articles of Association, mergers and other structural changes.

Member councils
In EK shop concepts, member boards collaborate closely with EK specialists to ensure the practicality of all measures related to designing product ranges and marketing.

Executive board
The Executive board is responsible for corporate management.

from left: Martin Richrath (chairman of the board), Gertjo Janssen, Frank Duijst, Jochen Pohle.

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